Go beyond the rated universe

The Bank Scorecard enables credit risk analysts to generate consistent standalone credit scores that reflect the fundamental creditworthiness of all banks in their portfolio - whether they are rated or unrated.

Aligned to the Fitch Ratings Bank Rating framework and calibrated on Fitch Ratings Viability Rating criteria, this expert judgment tool incorporates Fitch Solutions data, delivered via Fitch Connect Excel Add-In.

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Comprehensive. Trusted. Efficient. Flexible.

Market Leading Coverage

Leverage Fitch Credit Ratings data on 3,000+ banks and Fitch Solutions award-winning financial data on over 36,000 banks across emerging and developed markets.

Robust Fitch Ratings methodology

Follow a credit risk assessment model that is anchored to the Fitch Ratings Bank Rating framework, a transparent and well-tested rating methodology.

Streamlined credit analysis

Say goodbye to disparate and inconsistent data that requires additional time to collate and standardize. Focus on analyzing data and monitoring risks instead.

Room for your view

Deliver credit risk assessments that incorporate your adjustments to quantitative and qualitative risk factors and commentary on your analysis.


Take a look at how the Bank Scorecard works

In under 4 minutes, learn how you can use the Bank Scorecard to create credit analysis reports with ease.

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Bank Scorecard:
delivered by Fitch Connect

The Fitch Connect Excel Add-In provides a convenient connection with the wealth of data we offer. Easily draw the information you need into the environment you're most comfortable working in, sure in the knowledge that you only need to hit a button to update the chosen elements of your workbook with the latest figures available. 

Fitch Connect, delivering Fitch Ratings & Fitch Solutions Data, Research and tools to fuel your decisions

Test the Bank Scorecard on your portfolio

Say goodbye to disparate and inconsistent data that requires additional time to collate and standardize.
Focus on analyzing data and monitoring risks instead.


Counterparty credit risk -
Why data is only valuable in context

Banks can access data from a growing wealth of sources, but it is important to place that data in context when assessing the creditworthiness of counterparty banks. Current methods focus on quantitative metrics, but qualitative information is key to shedding light on organizational nuances. However, it is more difficult to identify and assess this type of information in a consistent and robust way.

Counterparty credit risk

Best Counterparty
Data Project/Initiative

Our Bank Scorecard won the Best Counterparty Data Project/Initiative at the 18th Annual Inside Reference Data Awards, recognising the quality of our fundamental financial data, its accuracy, breadth and depth of coverage, and our commitment to developing analytics tools that measure credit risk accurately.

Inside Market Data award

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Streamline bank credit analysis

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