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Latin America Monthly Outlook: US Recession Risks Threaten Latin American Growth

While we at Fitch Solutions expect positive full-year growth for the US in 2022 and 2023, we believe that the risks of a recession are mounting.

Europe Monthly Outlook: Eurozone Recession Risks Rise

In this presentation we provide our outlook for the Eurozone, where recession risks continue to rise.

MENA Monthly Outlook: Robust Growth Outlook In GCC In 2022

We at Fitch Solutions forecast that GCC economic growth will accelerate in 2022 at the highest rate of growth since 2011.

Global Macro Outlook: Global Growth Slowing Faster Than We Expected

The global growth outlook continues to slow faster than we expected and we at Fitch Solutions have made further downward revisions to our growth forecasts for both emerging and developed markets as headwinds continue to mount.

Sub-Saharan Africa Monthly Outlook: Currency Round-Up: Broad Depreciatory Trend With Few Outliers

Most Sub-Saharan African currencies are on a weakening trend, and we expect that they will continue to depreciate in the short term due to global risk-off sentiment amid rising recession risks and the Russia-Ukraine War.

Asia Monthly Outlook: Regional Growth Outlook Has Dimmed Further

With political risk rising, aggregate growth slowing and inflation picking up, this presentation provides you with our latest views for markets including China, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Australia and Vietnam.

Political Risks and Climate Change: Where Are the Flashpoints?

The state of political risk can dictate progress on domestic climate-related policy, which can then directly influence the geopolitics of climate policy.

MENA Monthly Outlook: Key Themes For 2022 Mid-Year Review

Almost all of the key themes that we identified for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region at the start of 2022 are playing out as we reach the mid-year point.

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